Food From The Great Flavor Belt


RGLOGORoad Grill brings you food in the great tradition of the Southern Flavor Belt – from deep south BBQ to New Orleans right on through to Texas and the Southwest with its Mexican flavors and ingredients.

Operating in the St. Croix valley and Minneapolis, St. Paul metro area, we have over 30 years of experience cooking in these styles and can provide your event unique menu offerings no other food truck has, including vegetarian. We make our own original condiments and side dishes too.

Road Grill food offerings include Cajun marinated deep fried turkeys, Southwestern marinated steak tacos, pit smoked pulled pork sandwiches, pork Chili Verde on Indian fry breads, Hawaiian chicken wings, Southwest brown rice, black bean , pumpkin veggie burgers. Plus, we do our own take on this region with Monte Cristo sandwiches on a stick, grilled rib eye steak sandwiches, grilled stuffed pizza burgers, south Chicago Italian beef sandwiches, and walking Frito tacos for the kids. We do breakfast as well, serving sausage egg breakfast burgers, Hawaiian French toast sticks, and natural fruit drinks.

Coming attractions: Creole stuffed breads (the un-sloppy joe) & gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.